With over 20 years’ experience in the glass industry you are guaranteed your finished product will exceed your expectations. We are proud to have supplied glass splash backs to West Australians for many years and have a reputation of excellent service And commitment to our clients that continues to reward us with repeat business, Our splash backs are for life, The technology we use prevents discoloration, fading and are all toughened and heat proof to give you peace of mind. We are only a phone call away to receive your free measure and quote. Our entire color range you have to browse through at your quote plus we could look at mirrored splash backs to enhance your new area.

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Coloured Splashbacks

At Western Splash backs you can select from a large range of solid colors or that extra sparkle and depth of the glass with a metallic color section. Our coloured glass splash backs are ideal for use in kitchen or bathrooms and are made from toughened safety glass so they are suitable to go behind your kitchen hob. Each splash backs is sprayed using a specially formulated glass paint which is applied onto the back of the splash back to create your unique hygienic feature Each of our colored glass splash backs are made to your exact requirements .This includes the colour shape and of course dimensions. You can select the natural colors such as whites and light grey, or a vibrant bright color to create the bold dramatic statement.

Mirror Splashbacks

Mirror splash backs are extremely popular in kitchens as they open up the area and are stylish and sophisticated .Our beautiful range of mirror splash backs are the ideal way to capitalize on the light reflective qualities of mirror finishes .A feeling of light and space is created, adding a truly stunning finishing touch to any space .This high end mirror glass effect will enhance any space, creating reflections that can make a room feel bigger and lighter instantly. Choose your mirror glass colour and see the effects it can have on your home.
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Printed Splashbacks

Printed glass offers the ability to create a unique space previously limited to basic solid colors. It’s as easy as supplying a high quality image, any image can be printed onto the glass. We have a wide variety of printed splash backs to satisfy your diverse demands we can even create splash backs to suit your individual design requirements. There are increasingly more photos printed on glass, not forgetting patterned glass, creating a unique image that is striking and creative when installed to any home. These photos printed on glass are made to suit your requirements and are designed to fit perfectly in the room of your choice. Although these printed glass splash backs are normally used in the kitchen and bathroom, you can install them anywhere in the home or office, adding sophistication and style. The printed splash backs are more often than not used for display purposes, using advanced digital technology. They are an ideal addition to any home or office that is perfect for achieving a high-quality finish.

Glitter Splashbacks

Glitter or Sparkle Splash backs add an extra special touch to a colored glass splash back.These sparkle types all provide fine dispersion of light. They are highly effective in areas illuminated by down lighting, providing a unique metallic tone to your glass splash back. These sparkles are added to any plain color to create a glittery glass splash back. All sparkles can be applied in 3 density styles of light, medium & heavy.
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Slumped Splashbacks

Slumped glass splash backs are made from the same glass as flat splash backs, and have the same coating on the back. The texture side is placed toward the wall, leaving an undulated but smooth and glossy finish on the face for ease of cleaning. Western splash back create beautiful textured effects or ‘slumped’ glass for designer purposes. The glass is heated and manipulated to form patterns to enhance the appearance of the kitchen or bathroom. Slump splash backs are available in a range of color’s, thicknesses and styles to suit designer homes, commercial kitchens and many other uses. We can even incorporate your company branding.